This Duo of Musical Genius is like nothing the music industry has yet experienced. As producers, composers, and engineers, Melodic Pulse's muscial creations are captivating, diverse, fresh, and original. Melodic Pulse Production creates cutting edge original musical compositions and full orchestral arrangements. Working closely with independent film studios as composers/producers, MPP underscores visual media projects (films, web-series, documentaries, video games, and advertisments) and create dynamic string arrangements and music production for singer song writers, studios, and  record labels .  



The Men Behind The Music

Adam Hill has been noted as an avid artistic composer, arranger, and accomplished performer across many genre. Most noted for his structure of melodic counterpoint inside his compositions his through composed melodies are captivating and inspiring.  Adam as a formally classically trained musician, studied music performance at the Eastman School of Music and since has gone on to perform with artists such as Jay-Z, Nas, Boyz to Men, Alicia Keys and professional orchestras such as the Baltimore Symphony, Albany Symphony, And ASO.  As a chamber musician, classical violinist and violist, Adam has been recognized as one of the most active and acclaimed chamber musicians in the NYC area.  Mr. Hill has composed original compositions for orchestras and theatre companies across the country. In addition he has arranged music for many artists in the media and entertainment industry. Adam Hill is currently residing and working in Nashville, TN.


Omari Paul has an academic background in physics and mathematics and is an up and coming audio engineer, sound designer and music producer in the industry. Omari studied audio engineering at MTSU and is on the path of mastering the art of understanding different microphone techniques for audio productions and mixing music and sound of all sorts for the entertainment industry. In addition to being an engineer, Omari has produced music in the genres of film music, contemporary electronic, indie rock, and classical music. Omari brings an incredible technical facility and an innate keen ear for detailed harmonization. His implementation of intelligently structured rhythms and craft for meticulously engineering musical compositions leads to works that are smooth, even in tone, and magnanimously rich in texture.  Omari Paul is currently residing and working in Nashville, TN.


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